About Us

Jackson Avenue is a live band with young energy and raw talent – but with what sound like very old souls who know how to make a note, or a riff or a hook literally move you.

Playing anything from modern rock (John Mayer’s “Good Love is on the Way” to “staple” blues (Bill Withers “Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone”; CCR’s “Proud Mary” and Amos Lee’s “What’s Been Going On”) to rock standards like Lynard Skynard’s “Simple Man” to contemporary songs such as Black Key’s “Lonely Boy”, Adele, Jewel and Melissa Etheridge – Jackson Avenue, keeps the music “real and true” while bringing their own distinctive flavor to whatever they play.

Moreover, Jackson Avenue likes to blend in some of their own music, originals initially written by Mashad but brought to full life by the entire band’s passion and talent. Whether as a full band, a duo, or doing solo turns, Jackson Avenue can rock your soul

The Colliers and Johnsons, cousins from Brazoria, Texas, grew up in musical families, marked by an ever presence of playing for fun or playing for God. As they grew up, Courtney – the oldest – took the lead in developing the band. He had a dream that somehow, someday, the three could make special music, and he put his heart and soul into developing the group. Several sounds, several names and several iterations of the band followed, until they struck on the right combination – what is now Jackson Avenue. The youngest playing lead, big brother on drums and the oldest, the band’s founder, providing a solid foundation on base.

The band include standard blues, rock and roll and contemporary pop – but all with a touch of Jackson Avenue’s own “mark” while staying true to the originals’ intent. Jackson Avenue also plays a variety of their own original songs that demonstrate the true depth of their talent – and all of which just allow the audience and the listener to “rock out” and have fun!

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